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~ Final Programme ~

Day 1: Friday, April 21, 2017
UQAM, Room DS-1950 (320 Saint-Catherine St. East)

9.00-9.15: Welcome and introductory remarks

9.15-10.55: Panel 1: The Boundary Problem, Expulsion, and Attachment
Chair: Avery Kolers

  • Paulina Ochoa Espejo, “Territorial Grounds of Democracy: Territory, Property, and Jurisdiction in Juan de Solórzano’s Derecho Indiano
  • Patti Lenard, “Expulsion from Membership and Territory”
  • Cara Nine, “Place Attachment: What’s Identity Got to Do with It?”

10.55-11.15: Coffee break

11.15-12.45: Panel 2: Unoccupied Areas, Territorial Expansion, and Resource Rights
Chair: Sarah Song

  • Margaret Moore, “Is Canada Entitled to the Arctic?”
  • Alejandra Mancilla, “Melting Grounds: The Moral Limits of Territorial Claims in Antarctica”

12.45-13.45: Lunch

13.45-15.15: Panel 3: Ownership, Stewardship, and Territorial Rights
Chair: David Miller

  • Mathias Risse, “Humanity’s Collective Ownership of the Earth and Immigration”
  • Fabian Schuppert, “Territorial Rights, Control over Natural Resources, and the Specter of Intergenerational Domination: Examining the Prospects and Limits of a Stewardship Account”

15.15-15.45: Coffee break

15.45-17.15: Panel 4: Natural Resource Conservation and Animals’ Right to Place
Chair: Fabian Schuppert

  • Chris Armstrong, “Justice and the Burdens of Natural Resource Conservation”
  • Avery Kolers, “The Territorial Rights of Animals: Zoopolis and Beyond” – with a reply by Will Kymlicka

17.15-18.15: Reception

Day 2: Saturday, April 22, 2017
UQAM, Room DS-1950 (320 Saint-Catherine St. East. NB: Enter through the R building (ESG-UQAM) at 315 Saint-Catherine St. East)

9.00-10.30: Panel 5:
Roundtable on A. John Simmons’ Boundaries of Authority (OUP 2016)
Chair: Mira Bachvarova

  • Comments by David Miller, Cara Nine, Anna Stilz
  • Reply by A. John Simmons

10.30-11.00: Coffee break

11.00-12.30: Panel 6: Indigenous Land Claims and Postcolonial Boundary Drawing
Chair: Patti Lenard

  • Kerstin Reibold, “Waldron and Indigenous Land Claims”
  • Catherine Lu, “Border Disputes: Postcolonial States and the Struggle for Reconciliation”

12.30-13.30: Lunch

13.30-15.00: Panel 7: Secession and Annexation
Chair: Chris Armstrong

  • David Lefkowitz, “International Law, Institutional Reasoning, and Secession”
  • Amandine Catala, “What’s Really Wrong with Annexation: A Non-Domination Account”

15.00-15.30: Coffee break

15.30-17.00: Panel 8: Territory, Immigration, and Self-Determination
Chair: Mathias Risse

  • Sarah Song, “Collective Self-Determination and Immigration Control”
  • Anna Stilz, “A Political Autonomy Account of Self-Determination”

17.00-17.15: Closing remarks